Bags with flat handles

Ecological paper bag with flat handles.

Paper bags with flat handles, made of recycled paper.

It is possible to use paper bags in many different areas ranging from ecological shops to clothing stores.

Recycled paper bags are in a natural color and bags flat handles are made of folded paper.

Bags with flat handles are very strong and durable.

We offer paper bags in 5 different sizes.

Ordering process

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Frequently asked questions

How should I pay?

Contractual customers can pay within 14 days, we can extend the prompt when needed.

What is the minimum amount of ordering bags with a printed logo?

The minimum amount of printed bags is 100 bags. There is no minimum amount for bags without print.

What kind of information do you need for a special order?

Usually it is enough when you choose the product, specify the printing (what color, to one side of the bag or both sides). You can also ask help from our sales team, they instruct you when needed and finishing the order is very easy.

Do you have all your products that are displayed on your website?

Most of products what we have displayed on our website, we also have in our stock. But to be sure, please contact us first.

How fast can I get my bags?

If the bags are in our warehouse (they usually are), then shipping to Finland will take 2 days, the rest of Scandinavia 5 days. For other European countries, please contact our salespeople.

How much does shipping cost?

The offer we give you includes the transportation fee already.

How are logos printed on the bags?

For bags in our warehouse, we print the logos either in silk-or folium-print. If it’s a special order, we will use offset-printing and if needed, also folium-or blind-printing.

How fast can you produce the orders?

For bags in our warehouse, printing the logo will take 2 days. For custom-made bags, the producing time starts from 2 weeks. If you’re in a hurry, just ask our client support and they will find you the quickest solution.

What’s the difference between machine-produced bags and handmade bags?

Machine-produced bags, like the name says, are produced by machines and because of that, the cost for these bags are lower. We can’t say that handmade bags are in any way better than machine-produced bags, or vice versa.

Handmade bags are like taylor-made suits, that are made to order. You can choose between different materials, printing techniques and final finish. These bags are slightly more expensive, because they are glued together by hand.

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